COVID–19 Information and Suggestions


Transit2GO Related

  • Transit2go will not supply PPE but it is mandatory for clients to have PPE on them (Face Mask/Face Shield) while on the bus. If expectation has not been followed, Transit2Go reserves the right to deny service.
  • Transit2Go will only be training essential destinations (medical appointments, employment, education, grocery, etc.) Transit2Go reserves the right to deny services to any location Abby does not feel safe.
  • The potential of the waiting period being extended – what their options would be if the bus was full:
    • Wait for the next bus
    • Change bus route
    • Call cab or friend
    • Reschedule appointment – no repercussions
    • Transit2Go reserves the right to reschedule as well
  • If original schedule time (of 2 hrs) is extended due to potential of waiting period being extended Transit2Go charging policy:
    • First hour is free, any time after first extra hour client will be charged 50% of the hourly rate.
  • Reference clients to review CDC Prevention PDF & CDC Cloth Face Mask Covering PDF (attached to email)

Madison Metro Related: 

  • Buses operating at modified Saturday service until further notice
  • Customers are required to board and exit the bus using the rear doors (riders needing the ramp may still enter through the front)
  • Fare collection is suspended
  • Customers are asked to ride for essential trips only
  • Passengers are asked to wear a mask or other face covering when riding
  • 15 passengers only at a time
  • maintain distance of 6 feet from driver and fellow passengers
  • cover coughs and sneezes
  • Link for more information:

Client Safety Information:

General Suggestions

  • Carry and use hand sanitizer
  • Wear face mask at all times
  • Avoid touching metal surfaces as much as possible
  • Wash hands thoroughly after every ride

How to stay safe (Consumer Reports) |

For those who continue to have to commute each day, or who are resuming their commute because work-from-home restrictions have been lifted: Sit or stand as far from others on the bus as you can. If you see someone cough or sneeze near you on the bus or train, and you’re more than 6 feet away from them, your risk is probably low, says David Freedman, M.D., a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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