Preferences on training  

Transit2GO is a business developed to teach individuals with a disability to commute via the Madison Metro Bus System independently. To qualify for this service an individual must have a medically diagnosed disability. 

Each client will initially be offered 3 training sessions per route. However, more can be added if necessary.

While using public transit, it’s not uncommon to wait for a bus 5-20 minutes or to walk to your next bus stop. Please be comfortable with standing or walking for approximately 20 minutes.

Accommodations such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and care givers are welcomed. Transit2Go will not provide any medical assistance while training. 

Types of training 

Transit2GO offers training on how to use the Metro Bus System — sometimes this may involve walking. 

  • Learn how to to take the bus from point A to point B, with transfers in between.
  • Abby will train and then shadow individuals and provide supports as they learn their route.
  • Determine cost of training — Payment and Cancellation Info Doc 

What to bring to bus training 

Link to Madison Metro Information 

Costs of taking public transit 
Madison Metro Information and Contact 
Link to Ride Guide (lists all Madison bus routes) 

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