Abigail Tessmann

Transportation Consultant

In the fall of 2010, Abby joined the Edgewood College’s Cutting-Edge family. She graduated in spring 2014 with a Para Professional Educators Certificate. During her 4 year college experience, Abby participated in 48 credits worth of Education courses and vocal arts. The Education courses she took required various hours in a school setting off campus resulting in Abby having to learn to take Public Transit within her first month of college independently, subsequently learning from the help of the former Director of the Cutting-Edge Program, Dr. Dedra Hafner via a step-by-step navigation process.

Taking her travel knowledge, Abby started Transit2GO in 2015 as a pilot through the Cutting-Edge program at Edgewood College. Until August 2017, Abby’s work had been primarily as a bus trainer for Cutting Edge program to see how it went. After 2 years of piloting the Transit2GO idea, great reviews came and she was encouraged to do more. With dreams of being a business owner, in 2018 Abby decided to spread her wings and take flight; independently, she developed her own business — Transit2GO. 

Abby’s hands-on need to learn and passion for taking public transportation quickly developed into a vast amount of experience. Abby has used public transportation in a very wide variety of places from coast to coast (to name a few: New York City, New Jersey, Washington DC, Columbia MO, Seattle WA) and even in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 

“One thing is for sure, I learn quickly by
hands-on experience. I’m proud to share my travel experiences with you as well as explore new ones through our adventure together using public transportation. “