More details will be provided after registration and acceptance.


Each Client is required to attend at least 1 Orientation before beginning Bus Training with Transit2GO. Orientation fee is $30 and will be included on the client’s invoice. 


To attend Orientation, each client must apply Online via an In-Take Form. The In-Take Form will ask a variety of questions that will help Transit2Go decide if its services will suit the client’s needs. 

After filling out the In-Take Form, a client will receive a response via email about their acceptance. If you are accepted, this email will provide the Orientation date, time, and location for you to attend.

What to bring to Orientation 

• Writing Utensil
• Friend, legal guardian, or support worker
• Add the Google Maps App on your phone 
• Access to Weather App
• Face Masks (optional)

Time Commitment

Orientation will take approximately 1 hour.

During this time, you will review what Bus Training with Abby will be like, the requirements, how to use Google Maps App, and answer any questions that may arise.

At the end of orientation Abby will provide one on one support with each client to fill out a Bus Training Work Sheet — this will explain what your first day of Bus Training will look like and what will be accomplished. 

Each Client will be given a folder at Orientation with information that will be reviewed and taken home.

If you prefer, email or mail the completed form to:
transit2GO@outlook.com or

6515 Watts Rd STE 105 Madison, WI 53719

Let’s get you on the way to where you need to be!

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