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What do I need to bring with me?

Face masks are now optional for the Bus Training per Federal regulations. If you prefer to wear a mask, please bring one with you. If you would prefer that Abby wear a mask as well, please let her know during the scheduling process.

For Orientation: Please bring a support buddy (friend, legal guardian, or care giver) if desired and something to write on as well as to write with. *If you choose a virtual zoom session, please make sure you have the ability to video chat.

For Bus Training: Recommendations and requirement will be discussed during Orientation. For each bus training, you are required to have your photo ID, your cell phone, and bus pass/fare money.

For information regarding purchasing bus passes or how much fares cost, please look at this link from the Madison Metro website:

Client’s may also qualify for a bus pass through their fiscal assistance agency or their supported care agency. Please contact the client’s consultant or care manager to find out more information.

Who will choose the route? How do I choose one route over the other?

The route and destinations will be discussed during Orientation. The route will be based around the client’s transportation needs and the destination of their choosing. Part of the training that Abby provides will be how to build and choose the best route for the client.

How do I sign up for Orientation?

To attend Orientation, each client must apply via an In-Take Form online. The online In-Take Form will ask a variety of questions that will help Transit2Go decide if its service will suit your needs.  After filling out the In-Take Form, you will receive a response via email about your acceptance. If you are accepted, this email will provide a list of possible times and dates to schedule an in-person or virtual orientation session.

Where can I find the In-Take Form?

The In-Take Form is located at the bottom of the Orientation Page and throughout the site as an active link, In-Take Form.

Where do we start?

After registering online and being accepted, you will be given further details about the orientation and payment information (see also: Payment Info). During Orientation you will learn how to use Google Maps, pick the best route to your desired destination, and create a Travel Plan. Depending on your comfort level with public transportation during this time, Abby will gladly work with you to schedule your in-person bus training sessions in order to best suit your needs.

I’m having problems registering online…

If you are running into issues registering online, please contact Transit2GO via Email:

What happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Abby will still provide services in mild rain and snow conditions. Services will be canceled in the event of severe weather warnings and in icy road and side walk conditions. Abby has the right to make judgement calls regarding rescheduling appointments under these conditions. Clients will also have the option to reschedule should they feel that the conditions are not safe for them.

Can I have someone with me?

We strongly recommend bringing a support person (parents, caregiver) with you to Orientation. Please only bring someone with to Bus Trainings if they are there to provide needed support.

Madison Metro

What if I forgot something on the bus?

If you forget something on the bus, your best option is to contact Metro (608-266-4904) about the situation at hand. It’s important to remember that taking the bus is public transportation; if you happen to leave an item on the bus there is a chance of it being stolen. If you can, label any important item with your name and a possible phone number to reach you in the event someone was to find it.

It’s time to depart from my bus, but it looks slick/icy where my bus driver stopped, what do I do?

If you are afraid you may fall upon trying to get off your bus, ask the bus driver for assistance. Never be afraid to ask the bus driver for help – that is part of their job.

It may take me longer than the average person to find a seat and I’m afraid I may fall…

When entering the bus, make sure to mention to the bus driver that you need extra time to find a seat before he goes so you don’t fall.

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